The History of Blu-ray

A blu-ray disc sure does look a lot like a DVD. But, it is actually a big improvement. A blu-ray is the exact same size and shape of a DVD. But, it can hold a lot more information and is manufactured to last longer. A blu-ray disc can hold 25 gb for each layer on the disc, while a dvd can only hold about 4.4 gb. A blu-ray disc can hold more information because the information is written more densely on the surface of the disc.

The invention of the blue laser is what made this possible. A blue laser is what blu-ray players use to read the disc. The blue laser has a shorter wavelength than a red laser used to read DVD’s and CD’s. A Japanese inventor named Shuji Nakamura made the first blue laser in 1996. The laser had a shorter wavelength than the typical red laser. But, the way he made the crystal increased defects in the crystal. In 1999 Nakamura found a better way to test the crystals. He compared his work with crystals made in Poland and was able to perfect the crystal making process. This blue laser is what allowed much more data to be put onto the disc.

In 2000 Sony worked with Pioneer and created the first blu-ray disc prototypes. The first blu-ray player was unveiled in Japan on April 10, 2003. However it was intended to just be a recording device. The first discs were held inside cartridges to better protect the discs. But, in early 2005 TDK created a hard coating to protect the discs. This made the cartridges unnecessary. The coating also made them much more scratch resistant than DVDs. The longest delay in the format seemed to come from creating a strong DRM encryption to prevent movie piracy.  That was finally accomplished in 2006. But, by then plenty of HD DVD players and movies were being released. In the beginning blu-rays were encoded with the Mpeg2 codec like DVDs. Within a few months they started using the higher quality H.264 compression. playstation3

Toshiba and NEC made their own HD DVD format also using a blue laser. This began a format war just like VHS and Beta from the 80’s. With two competing high definition disc formats people were reluctant to start buying.  One format was obviously going to be discontinued. HD DVD was out to market first. But, many people were waiting for the Sony PlayStation 3. The Playstation 3 was not only a game system. But, it was also a Blu-ray player. Sony also stepped up and really pushed advertising for their format. In February 2008 the Blu-ray disc prevailed and sales started to take off.

Blu-ray discs have a lot to offer. The menus can offer a lot more interactivity. Many can access the menu functions while the disc is playing back. If the blu-ray player is connected to the internet it can receive live updates. It also allows the discs to access BD Live. BD Live is bonus material that can include games, movie trivia, live chats with cast members and directors. Many movie studios also offer blu-ray combo packs that include a dvd and a digital copy of the movie. This way people can buy the movie once. But, still be able to play it on an older player or their iPod. Now with the new 3D televisions in production 3D Blu-ray discs are in the works.  

We offer Blu-ray Duplication

There are not too many companies out there that can handle blu-ray duplication. A Blu-ray disc can hold a lot more information than a dvd. The larger files sizes associated with using High Definition Video increases the processing power that you need dramatically.

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